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The under 13 team won 6 out of 8 matches played in the All island Division Two tournament. Faris Mahroof was the Vice Captain of the under 15 cricket team that took part in the World tournament. He was gifted with cricket gear by the joint efforts of the OBU. Soccer: The under 16 Soccer team reached the finals of the Colombo district. The match was drawn and the championship was decided on a penalty shoot-out which we lost In November This under 16 team also reached the semi finals of the All Island Schools Championship.

Chess: Our under 17 Chess team won the Bishop's College th anniversary invitation schools tournament in June and the western province schools championship in July Rugger: The under 13 squad won the All Island School's championship for the 2nd consecutive year in November The Wesley boys scored over points and conceded only 5points in winning all the 6 matches played. Disantha Priyadarsana. If we keep this talented coach on a permanent basis we could surely see more successes in the future. They also participated in Malaysia where they won 4 matches and lost the semi final.

Sri Lanka's recent cricket exploits prompt an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling ' s Recessional " The tumult and the shouting have died. The Captains and their teams have departed. They have emphasized that the credit of success belongs to their team and not to themselves individually. However, the sacrifice for a contrite heart, also counselled in the Recessional, is hardly to be noticed anywhere. On the contrary, some even green to gloat over Sri Lanka's straight victories in the Wills World Cup matches and the Singer World Series matches, especially, and this not without some sense of justice, over its humiliation of the same adversaries in the finals of both these events.

Even the newspapers have gone to town over. Sri Lanka's cricket. An editorial refers to the "decisive defeat of the Aussies for the second time" and goes on to add "our cricketing talent is truly extraordinary But, perhaps, Sathasivam got more fun and joy from his cricket because he was that kind of person. It was fantastic that he was placed on remand for the murder of his wife. Those who knew him well certainly knew him as a murderer most merciless of the cricket ball.!

He was the most naturally gifted batsman the world has ever. It was well-nigh impossible to seta field to contain him. He found than gaps with effortless ease. And he did it with artistry and finesse. It is no wonder he captained two countries at cricket. Had he played in his heyday in England, the cricket world could have placed him in no other class than that of Ranji and Duleep. These two I have not seen. And Satha was indisputable their peer. This is only my opinion. And I have no hesitation in recording it. The bewitching elegance with which he walked to the wicket won my heart in a way in which the erect grace of Miller, the lordly hauteur of Dexter and the measured arrogance of Bradman, as they marched to their stance, failed to captivate me.

And the smile with which Satha took his place at the wicket, looking gleefully round the field noting the spot- left vacant by the opposing captain, was certainly not that of a crude and graceless murderer. So I visited Satha in the remand goal, moved by my affection, faith and goodwill. And as we talked he continue smiling with the same nonchalance he showed when he had a bat in his hand to face the wiles of the opposing bowlers in the most averse circumstances ii the cricket field. He chattily asked what his person said and what the person said about the murder he was alleged to have committed And I told him that none of his fellow cricketers would dream that he had any hand in it The truth of this Keith Miller, Australia's greatest all-rounder clearly illustrated, when he also visited the remand to add his own quota to Satha's buoyancy.

In the course of my own visit to see him on remand the question of questions that Satha asked me was what my own wife thought about the charge that he had murdered his wife. I did not want to be untruthful. I confessed that not only my wife but all her friends, many if whom has been to her old school, were in no doubt that he had committed the murder, and they were all out for his blood Satha grinned.

He had once had a skirmish with my wife's old school, which at that time had a Principal with an alphabetical name, something like Miss L. The father of one of Satha's friends had a spadous jalopy. This Satha, then in his final year at school, had taken with his friends in the early hours of one morning, and in it they had loaded, as they passed by the flower pots that had the fairest flowers that ever blew in Cinnamon Gardens.

Those days no garden gate was ever locked. The morning found these flowerpots neatly arranged inside the premises of the alphabetically named Principals school. Satha and his friends were singing happy songs within its sacred walls as the maidens arrived in school. As word got around the Principal came on the scene. Satha went down on his knees. And, moving on his knees, one knee following the other in measured time, he came up to the Principal and asked her to be his bride. The Principal replied that she was still too young to think of marriage, but would keep the proposal in mind for consideration when she was old enough.

Round one to the Principal. She then nicely told the gathered school boys that they has better leave in a hurry. Some of the flower pots had been recognised by a damsel or two as belonging to their mammas, and the clamouring owners were on their way to claim them possibly in the company of the minions of the law. The Principal said she did not wish to see nice boys in trouble. They scrammed. Round two to the Principal.

The next Principal of this school had the same name as the boy who did not have a penny to pay for his pie. But why should I not give the name of the chief guest she invited one year for the school prize giving. He was the Rev Lakdasa de Mel. The Principal in presenting her annual report, proudly reported that her school had won all the shields at the all island athletics meet for girls schools that year.

When it came to the Chief Guest's turn to speak he said all the nice things a Chief Guest is expected to say about teachers and parents and school girls and so on. The Principal's face did not go cherry red. She smiled broadly and clapped. We loved her. When I saw Satha on remand I chose to speak of happy days. All these things, we recalled, may be to keep myself in good cheer.

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For Satha I had no need to cheer. He remained the embodiment of confidence and good cheer. As I left he asked me to give my wife his regards, and to tell her that, when he comes out, she is the next on his list.! Editors Note: Alfie Moragoda, was for a short period, on the staff of Wesley, prior to his joining the prestigious Ceylon Civil Service, where he had a distinguished service holding many top administrative positions.

Alfred was a prolific writer to leading newspapers under the pseudonym of Gaymede. He is the composer of the song Minneriya Serenade which was an inspiration of his courtship days. From the Ceylon Sunday Times: That old familiar feeling is a collection of papers made in to a book about the life and times of Allfred Gogerly Moragoda, CCS It's the kind of book that creates a certain nostalgia in those of us whose memories go far back, for the 'good old days' of D. The fourth and final section of the book is entitled "A Little Bit of Verse and A Little Bit of Prose" and includes the Minneriya Serenade written when he fell in love with the lovely lady with whom Alfie had a lifelong romance, Ariadne Wickremesinghe, his wife for 52 blessed years.

An article relating how D. Senanayake restored the Minneriya tank ends with a second lyric which, the reader is informed, was sung as the 'Mahaweli Symphony' by the late Lylie Godridge in connection with the Mahaweli Project. We are also given the inside story of how Sir Oliver Goonetilleke after the acceptance with some reservations by the State Council of the Soulbury Constitution in November, , was sent to London to meet the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Mr. Creech Jones, to ask for full national independence. Sir Oliver came back with nothing less.

Sathasivam was not guilty From the Daily News. A recent teledrama in Sinhala had implied that the real murderer was 'Sivam', in the Sathasivam Murder Case. This is grossly unfair by Sathasivam who was found 'Not Guilty'. For more than 25 years, Sathasivam had held spectators spellbound with his vibrant batting. He played with cricketing greats like F. Heyn, C K. No one in Sri Lanka had scored more centuries than he. No one could set a field to him. He could always find the gaps to send the ball crashing to the ropes.

In sooth, he was a murderer of the leather ball, yet he stood indicated in the Supreme Court with the murder of his wife. Satha had married in Relationships with his wife were not too cordial latterly and the wife filed divorce action on the grounds of malicious desertion. Satha who was in England at this time? He lived with his wife for about two weeks. Thereafter, when he was at a friend? He returned to his home at Alban Place, that night.

Next day, about 8. Satha was still asleep. William, the servant had been employed by Mrs. Sathasivam, only a week before without any references! When the children returned from school around 3 p. Sathasivam lay dead in the garage, which was adjacent to the kitchen. Satha was arrested around 5 p. William, the 2nd accused, had been pardoned after the preliminary inquiry and was now a witness for the State.

William who was arrested ten days after the crime, confessed that he had helped his master to kill the lady, before 9 a. He stated that the master had removed the lady? He said that these were sold to a jeweller about 9. Two men at the jewellers shop admitted the purchase and also confirmed the time. These jewellers were receivers of stolen property. How could one match their testimony to that of three other independent witnesses who definitely stated that they had seen Mrs.

Sathasivam alive, around The first of these was the traffic manager of the taxi company that had supplied Sathasivam with a cab, who said that a lady had phoned for a cab at The driver of the taxi said that when he called at the house five minutes later, he saw Mrs. Sathasivam at the door when Mr. Sathasivam left in that cab. Finally, the son of Mrs. None of them had any reason for inventing an untruth, and it seemed very unlikely that all three were mistaken.

Albert Silva, SP Crimes visited the scene of the murder, and acting on the evidence he collected on the spot arrested Satha. The SP who had wide experience in his field, doubted William? He played a fast one on William. Putting his hand into his pocket, he jangled his bunch of keys and said 'badu hambawuna'. William who thought that Mrs Sathasivam's gold jewellery he had stolen had been recovered knew the game was up. He fell on the ground prostrate pleaded for mercy, and confessed with details of his dastardly performance, that it was he who single handed had murdered the lady.

It is submitted, respectfully, that this confession to be admissible, should have been made before a Magistrate. The SP moved for the immediate release of Satha and William charged for the murder. Photo: Christie Seneviratne Wrong'Un At this stage, let me deviate by stating that at that time very few knew that Satha was innocent. However there were at least three people who solemnly banked on Satha? To continue, according to Prof. On analysis it was found to be identical with similar material taken from the kitchen floor.

The Govt. Analyst also found drag marks on the kitchen floor. It seemed clear proof that she had walked into the kitchen that morning, and never walked out'. Sir Sydney Smith. Forensic expert who testified in this case which was reported in his book 'Mostly Murder', Satha who was examined soon after the crime did not have any scratches on his face or arms. William had scratches on the face and arms which looked about ten days old. The trial lasted about 3 months and the Jury arrived at a unanimous verdict of 'Not Guilty', Dr. Colvin R. For the record, Sathasivam?

Mohamed Pavilion in a prominent place. An annual Award is made in his honour to a Wesley cricketer 'For the most scintillating innings in the cricket season. When Wesley skipper Danesh Dissanayake made his second successive century against Royal at Reid Avenue this season be achieved the rare distinction of getting those centuries on the same grounds. Danesh Dissanayake made exactly a runs at Reid Avenue in and then followed up with another century of against Royal this year.

Of course the non-availability of the Wesley College grounds this year due to the laying of a turf wicket at Campbell Park forced the Wesley- Royal game lo be played at Reid Avenue this year too. Danesh Dissanayake has been a consistent run getter and a capable medium pace bowler who did great service to the team from when be joined Wesley after doing so well at Nalanda. Danesh Dissanayake when he made die second century against Royal be broke the existing record for the highest number of centuries previously held by Brian Claessen and Lou Adhihetty making four centuries each.

When Brian Claessan played for Wesley from to there was a complete rejuvenation in the game, as many watched his batsman ship which delighted them. His stature, poise and the way be stroked the ball to all parts of the field was full of glamour and sheer artistry. During his three year spell be made four delightful memories for Wesley, not out against Trinity in , against Kingswood in , with both those innings played cm their respective grounds in Kandy. Brian Claessen also made several fifties during his career. Then in as Captain he made a fighting against St.

Thomas' College in the second innings of a drawn encounter led by P. Peiris on the Mt. Lavinia turf. In the final game Claessen made a belligerent unbeaten against Richmond College, at Campbell Park associating in a record partnership with Abu Fuard who made a defiant Wesley will always remember the Claessen era with nostalgia. The next Wesleyite to score four centuries was the left hander Lou Adhihetty who made against St Josephs in and followed up with three centuries, against Kingswood. Joseph's making in at Darley Road. Brian Claessen had the distinction of playing for All-Ceylon against Len Hutton's England players in a whistle stop game at the Oval as a schoolboy along with the Thomian skipper lan Peiris in October Danesh Dissanayake now has the privilege of surpassing these two cricketers making five centuries for Wesley during his career.

The full fledged all rounder has done quite well and in became the first schoolboy batsman to reach the golden runs. Danesh Dissanayake during that season missed several centuries including 93 against St. Thomas at the P. Saravanmuttu Stadium. A bright prospect for the future and if recognised by the national selectors he should perform quite creditably in competitive cricket.

From Dr N D Amerasekera. This was an article written by Dayaprasad Peiris and appeared in the "Island" of 7th April He submitted this for publication in the souvenir, shortly before he passed away. I had the good fortune to be a member of Wesley's first eleven Cricket Teams during the to seasons. Musafer D. Mack L. Abeysooriya B. Perera H. Allalasunderam R.

Batuwitage Abu Fuard N. Chapman, GJayatunga, D. Casiechetty MJurampathy R. CIaessen Ansar Fuard G.

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Samsudeen — he and Bryan Claessen played for Sri Lanka while in College — is missing from this photo. The four year period under review represents the "Golden Years" of cricket at Wesley. It is the period when our performances against Royal were indeed commanding. They were the seasons when we reigned with confident authority and it was a time when even the Royals bowed to Wesley's masterly sway. It all started way back in , when Edmund Dissanayake captained Wesley. He was an energetic player and an astute leader who set about his task with the firm belief that Wesley was second to none.

At about the same time, a new breed of junior cricketers were being groomed by the late A. Fernando, an old boy of the school who represented Wesley with much distinction in his time. The newspaper article dated the 22nd of May and reproduced in the following pages, tells the story of Wesley's success at the junior level, when our under 14 team simply hammered a strong English junior eleven into total submission on their home ground at Nuwara Eliya.

That was perhaps, one of the earliest signs of Wesley stirring to emerge as a dominant force and of Wesley lads beginning to realize that it was important to stand tall and to hold their heads up high, with pride. This attitude, that we were as good, if not better than our opponents, was rather contagious.

It certainly infected Wesley's leadership thinking for many years to come. It permeated through to succeeding captains, from Harold Matthysz - 48 ; W. It had taken eight years from to strike the highest note of the octave. We were at long last the unconquered champions of intercollegiate cricket. In this centenary year of cricket against Royal College, I am pleased to recall past events; to remember all those who were a part of it and in particular, the contribution made by the late A.

Fernando to coaching at Wesley and to recognize with a measure of satisfaction and pride, our achievements on the field. I must also freely confess that I am compelled to pay high tribute to our gallant Royal opponents, who always fought fair and hard. In recalling the past, it becomes evident that a lesser rival would undoubtedly have succumbed to the might of Wesley far more readily.

Players of the calibre of Channa Gunasekera, U. Jayawickrema, to name just a handful, were talented and extremely determined cricketers. They were all tough players who were hard to beat and the results of matches will be sufficient proof of that. It is with this in mind that one must approach the task of assessing our own endeavours and achievements. As for Wesley, we too had our fair share of competent players. Musafer for example, was one of the very best keepers in the island. He was equally at home with the fast bowlers as he was with spin, when he would whip the bails off at the twinkiling of the eye, to produce an ostensibly easy stumping.

When it came to batsmen, we had a great stack of them. Apart from this unique collection of brothers who represented Wesley at about the same time, there were the true fast bowlers in Radley Claessen and M. N Samsudeen who struck terror into the hearts of many a capable batsman. They were indeed following the examples set by past fast bowlers of the stature of Norman de la Harpe and the late Clive Bartholomeusz who operated in the mid forties.

Casiechetty, G.

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  • How consumer products giant Unilever plans to dramatically slash its use of plastic.

Abeysooriya, G. Nanayakkara, N. Fernando, B.

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Jurangpathy, D. Range, T. Fernando, R. Battuwitage and B. The most significant aspect is that these players were all exceptionally good fielders. Allalasunderam however stood out because, apart from his safe hands, he had the speed and stamina of a race horse. Many will remember him most, for his ability to cover and protect a wide arc from fine-leg to long-on with absolute ease. It is clear that Wesley had many skillful players. The contributions they made, together with a determination to win and a natural propensity to play as a team, produce the results which we now eagerly and spontaneously applaud.

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Good internet connection. Near to Jomtien bus station. Thank you, Fernando! Good location just a few minutes to Jomtien beach. We asked for late check out and fernando was so kind to allow. Quite and clean building inside and outside. Closed to the Jomtien beach. Super swimming pool. One of our bestsellers in Pattaya South! Featuring a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and a bar, View Talay 1B by Fernando offers accommodation in Pattaya South with free WiFi and garden views. This apartment features free private parking and room service.

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Please try again. Good for couples - they rate the facilities 8. Dotato di ristoranti con servizio in camera, lavanderie, bar ecc. Il condomino ha una sicurezza di 24 ore, video sorveglianza a circuito chiuso, sensori antincendio, WIFI gratuito in zona piscina, opzionale in camera. Supermercato Food Mart aperto 24 h. Solo 2 Km. Also it is ver Free private parking is possible on site reservation is not needed. WiFi is available in the hotel rooms and is free of charge. Sorry, but it seems like something went wrong in submitting this.

Would you mind trying again? You'll need to let the property know in advance what time you'll arrive. Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to apartment type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check the conditions of your required room. Children and beds. Age restriction. Payments by Booking. Quiet hours. Please inform View Talay 1B by Fernando in advance of your expected arrival time. You can use the Special Requests box when booking, or contact the property directly with the contact details provided in your confirmation.

Real stays. Real opinions. Read more. There was a problem loading the reviews. Try again. Open your list. No kitchen, to make food or cook something, only zink with cold water No microwawe, must ask for a toaster. Location OK. Easy check-in. I'm not sure if water heater worked. I liked host and his way of doing business!

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Very nice host, comfortable. Located on jomtien beach road.. Value for money.. Owner of the property is very cooperative and friendly.. Very well maintained and equipped with all advanced facilities.. Will surely stay again.. Long walk to bus stops. English speaking host, nice pool. Simple and clean. The owner is very kind. Missing some small towels for toilet. I like it, specially the restaurant in pool area.

Quiet, clean, friendly. Key deposite surprised me. I missed it in the small print. I may not have had the cash. Room was fine, we had good time staying. The position is strategic nearby to the BKK airport bus station and other servises as loundry, restaurants, bars, supermarket, bike rent. Pattaya wolking street reach in 15 min by trucks for 10 bath. Good room,big pool. Handy location, next to airport bus station.

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