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Forensic Psychology

Back Today. Twilight of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Internal Memes: Parasites and Predators of the Mind. Samenow Ph. Protecting the Abuser while Neglecting the Abused Defense of the abuser by those who should know better. The Criminal's Sense of Uniqueness A criminal often views himself as a law unto himself—a totally special individual.

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Mass Shootings and "Conventional Wisdom" The mental makeup of the people who become mass shooters must be studied, not just their environment. Learning from the Response to My Parental Alienation Article Offense at a previous post was understandably taken although none was intended.

The Process

Should "Parental Alienation" Be Criminalized? Who is the Victim? Who is the Victimizer?

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A victimizer sees himself as the victim. Ever the Victim: Never the Victimizer The criminal as "a little god," and gods do not failed.

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  7. Mental Health Studies: Reform Needed Having an adequate mental health evaluation could be a life-or-death matter. Edward Naugler M. The Criminal Personality is important reading for you.

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    It is an often devastating book that is uncompromising in its refection of conventional wisdom in the field of criminal psychology. It rejects the concept of the criminal as biopsychosocial victim, and in its place formulates an accountability theory based on the premise that criminals freely choose and prefer lives of crime. One by one the cherished myths of sociology and psychology regarding the origins of criminality are discarded, since the authors find that rationalizations of broken family, racial oppression, bad companions, and lack opportunity' are utilized by criminals to justify continued nonresponsibility for their own behavior.

    Samuel Yochelson, Ph. Samenow, Ph. Du kanske gillar.


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